Research and Writing

Writing Your Story

The written word is a clear, useful medium through which to transmit the stories of our past to employees, customers, and stakeholders. At Vantage Point, we strive to tell stories in engaging and useful ways.
That way, our work fits your needs.

Our Process

We begin by working with you to determine what kind of writing will best serve your purpose. Are you looking for a crisp, technical brief to usher your business through a merger, or a few pithy lines for a curated exhibit? Perhaps you want a full-length book, with plenty of space to fill your story with the rich details and nuanced lessons of your experience.
Then, we’ll assess the research that has already been done, building a bibliography of books and publications. These sources help us to understand the context for the particular history of an organization, institution, community, or individual.
With this work complete, we go into the field, talking to people who have been a part of the history, looking at records and archives, and prospecting for documents that have been cached in file cabinets and warehouses for years. These sources bring the history to life and help us understand why decisions were made in the past.


 Books, Reports, and Publications

Narrative histories help readers understand the past as a coherent story that they can hold in their hands. Vantage Point clients have a range of options when it comes to books. Short, illustrated soft-cover books can be given to clients and employees to help them understand corporate identity as a product of experience.
Full-length, academic-style books explore your history while wrapping it in the broader contexts and trends of society at large. What successes and failures came before? What historical processes were underway as your story unfolded? These books help managers appreciate the complexity of the organization’s efforts in the past. They can become case studies for students and faculty in business schools. Or, they can tell the story of a person, place, or community in intimate and illuminating detail.
Click here to read a historical and culture significance report we prepared for Sitting Bull Crystal Caverns, a long-time tourist attraction in the Black Hills of South Dakota:




Exhibitions, no matter how small or large, invite a collective encounter with the past. Real artifacts and documents connect us to moments in time. They help us see our own lives and work in a larger historical dimension. That encounter can inspire and temper us in our daily efforts. It can also promote teamwork and create a sense of community. Mixing objects, media, text and images, Vantage Point brings more than fifteen years experience to the process of developing exhibition concepts and content.