Set the Course for Your Future

Strategic Planning

Trained to look at the long-run, historians help organizations and communities step back from the crises of day-to-day management. At Vantage Point, we work with leaders to isolate the core values and mission of an organization.
We’ll help you find and deploy evidence of deeds and action rather than empty rhetoric. In a lead or supporting role, we bring our research, interpretive, and communication skills to bear to facilitate the strategic planning process with either small groups or whole communities.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Blending the cultures of multiple entities poses a major challenge to any organization. History can be an obstacle or an opportunity: A legacy of past conflicts can either be a source of tension to a place to look for examples of how to do better. Sometimes, it’s cathartic to simply tell a difficult story so it can be packaged and left behind.
At Vantage Point, we’ll help you decide how best to use your history. We can streamline the transition by developing histories that allow individuals from different organizational cultures to understand one another.
The stories of the past communicate more powerfully than an abstract analysis of values and traditions. In addition, attention given to the track record of an acquired organization helps bring closure for employees and stakeholders, enabling them to commit themselves to a new future.


Think about the biggest brands in banking, automobile manufacturing, or even fast food. The most successful businesses and organizations rely on their record of service to gain your trust as a consumer.
Trust makes organizations efficient and effective. It speeds transactions with suppliers, customers and regulators. It makes getting the job done easier and more enjoyable. Trust develops from a track record of experience. At Vantage Point, we work with our clients to conduct an honest appraisal of the evolution of business relationships. With a better understanding of the challenges and successes of the past, these relationships can be strengthened going forward.