Walking with Coolidge

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Vantage Point historian Eric Zimmer teamed up with Rapid City Journal reporter  Seth Tupper for a joint lecture at the Journey Museum and Learning Center in Rapid City on Sunday, May 28, 2017. Tupper gave an overview of President Calvin Coolidge’s summer in the Black Hills in 1927, based on the research he performed for his new book: Calvin Coolidge in the Black Hills
Author Seth Tupper shares his work at the Journey Museum and Learning Center, May 28, 2017.
Zimmer shared portions of a research article examining Coolidge’s interactions with Native Americans in South Dakota that summer, including his historic visit to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation on August 17, 1927, where Coolidge offered the clearest — and perhaps, the only — detailed description of his thoughts on the relationship between the federal government and American Indian tribes. Zimmer’s research started as part of a website project for the Black Hills Knowledge Network several years ago (you can view the exhibit here), then grew into a longer, scholarly essay. It is forthcoming from The Great Plains Quarterly this summer.