Vantage Point Press

Telling Your Story

Many of our clients want their stories told. But it’s difficult to know how to get your manuscript to print. That’s why we started the Vantage Point Press in 2007. We work with expert book designers and editors to produce hard-cover, paperback, and e-book works tailored to deliver your story to the audience of your choice. 
Sometimes, our books are disseminated to every employee or member of an organization. Sometimes, they grace waiting rooms and offices. Other books are sold online and in stores and are made available at the local library. Others remain intimate gifts for families to share. 
No matter your vision, we’ll work with you to select an appropriate venue and reach the audience you choose. Our books have been privately printed as well as published by major university presses.
Have a manuscript or a book idea you’d like to publish? Send us an email by clicking here and we’ll be in touch soon.

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